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Pro Hot Tub Repairs at Your Service – Fade Troubles Away

When spa trouble strikes, the last thing you want to do is put your relaxation plans on hold until you have the time to diagnose the issue, and hope you can fix it yourself.

Hot tub repairs can be challenging, and while there are certainly some you can take on DIY fashion, others are best left in the hands of the professionals.

But how do you know when to take on the challenge or call in a technician?

Keep reading to find out!

Below, you’ll discover the many benefits of professional hot tub repairs, along with some of the most common hot tub issues you can take on yourself if you’re up for it!

Of course, we want to help you make the most of your spa, keeping repairs to a minimum so you can soak with confidence, so we’ve also included our top eight tips to keep your spa in tip-top shape!

Let’s get started!

The Importance of Hot Tub Repairs

When it comes to your hot tub, your care routine matters.

Your regular maintenance, such as treating your water and rinsing your filters, all work to keep your spa in good condition while maintaining its efficiency.

However, there will inevitably come a time when issues arise, resulting in diagnosing, troubleshooting, and even repairs.

These issues need to be fixed quickly to prevent them from spreading, causing additional damage and becoming much more expensive to fix.

Depending on the severity of the issue, or the level of difficulty trying to locate the root cause, professional service can be a powerful tool in helping fix problems fast.

Hot tub repairs done by a professional can yield a number of benefits, and cover a wide range of issues, ensuring your spa can run its best and be up and bubbling in no time!

Benefits of Professional Hot Tub Repairs

Speaking of benefits, you may be wondering what exactly you can expect to experience when you put the health of your spa in the hands of a professional.

And honestly, there’s a lot to gain!

Saves You Money

One of the biggest benefits of professional hot tub repairs is the amount of money it can save you!

When you discover issues and schedule a repair appointment, you’re becoming a champion of your hot tub’s health, ensuring the issue is fixed before it causes any further damage.

This is especially important when it comes to water leaks or difficult to manage water, since both these issues can have significant impacts on your spa’s entire system!

Ultimately, the earlier you catch an issue and get it repaired, the less money the fix will cost.

Protect Your Warranty

Your warranty is a valuable aspect of your spa, saving you plenty of money down the line if issues begin occurring and are covered within.

Professionals, especially those from reliable dealerships who sell your brand of hot tub, are well aware of the warranties offered by the brand, and can ensure any repairs they make stay within those bounds.

On the other hand, if you choose to DIY your repairs, you run the risk of your warranty being voided by a faulty repair, or simply by tampering with a part that should only be repaired by a professional.

Hands-Off Repairs

Hot tub repairs aren’t for everyone, but that doesn’t mean people who want to be more hands-off when issues arise shouldn’t get a spa.

Professional hot tub repair services ensure there’s always someone to step in and make the diagnosis and repair for you, so you can focus more on the luxurious relief your spa provides!

Saves You Time

This pairs perfectly with hands-off repairs!

Whether you’re short on time or simply want to refocus your attention on your family while your spa is fixed in the background, professional service is the perfect solution.

Let’s face it, trying to find the root cause of an issue with your spa isn’t always a straightforward process, and can take up a good amount of time if you’re not well-versed in hot tub parts.

A certified technician has the knowledge to diagnose and repair your spa much faster, ensuring it’s up and running as soon as possible, all while you sit back and relax!

Maintain Spa Efficiency

Finally, hot tub repairs ensure your spa is running smoothly, with every part working just as it should.

As parts begin to fail, your hot tub’s energy efficiency can quickly drop, not only leading to longer run times and reduced performance, but also suddenly rising energy bills!

While a well-rounded maintenance routine will certainly go a long way to keep your spa running its best, solving any issues and scheduling timely hot tub repairs puts that into overdrive.

foam on water - signs you need hot tub repairs

Signs You Need Hot Tub Repairs

Hot tub repairs come in various forms, but many make their presence known in one of two ways:

  1. Through your control panel
  2. Through the quality of your water

Here are some of the most common signs your hot tub is crying out for help.

  • Your water is difficult to balance
  • Changes to your water quality
  • Unexpected puddles of water
  • Error codes on your control panel
  • Extreme temperature fluctuations (or a high temperature)
  • Poor water pressure or the jets stop working

Depending on the issue you’re seeing, you may be able to take some steps toward diagnosing or repairing it yourself.

Others, however, will require you to consult your user’s manual and schedule a repair appointment.

DIY Hot Tub Repairs You Can Take on Solo

If you enjoy taking on the challenge of fixing common hot tub issues yourself, there are some that are perfect for your DIY attitude!

Cloudy or Foul Smelling Water

Cloudy water is not only unsightly, but it’s also a warning that your water isn’t safe to be soaking in.

Most times, your hot tub water may form a cloudy or murky appearance due to low sanitizer levels or incorrect pH levels.

As for smelly water, while your hot tub may have a faint smell of your treatment products, they should never smell overwhelming.

If you’ve lifted your cover and been met with a pungent smell, there’s certainly something going on that needs your attention before you can step into the water.

This could be caused by improper chlorine levels, but can also be the result of an overload of organic matter or imbalanced pH levels.

Whether your water is cloudy or has a terrible smell, you’ll diagnose and troubleshoot them both the same way.

Start by testing your water to get an accurate reading of your pH, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels.

After you have a base reading, you can treat them as needed with your hot tub chemicals, allowing your jets to run on low for 20 minutes to thoroughly disperse them throughout your spa.

Re-test after 20 minutes and add any additional products needed.

If this doesn’t clear up your water, your last option is to drain your spa, wash your shell, and refill it with fresh water.

However, if a water change still doesn’t clear up your water, you’ll need to schedule a hot tub repair appointment so that a technician can do a deeper dive into the system to find the root cause.

A Foamy Surface

Bubbles may create an extra layer of fun and whimsy to a bath, but they have no place in a hot tub and actually signal a deeper issue.

Foam generally begins developing from one of two things:

  • Imbalanced water
  • Excess organic matter

Step one in diagnosing the cause of the problem is testing your water to verify your pH levels are where they should be.

Step two should be treating your water, strongly considering a dose of oxidizing shock.

Organic matter is unable to be fully broken down by your normal sanitizer, however, an oxidizing shock treatment makes up for that by targeting organic matter specifically.

This is one of the most common and reliable methods to clear up foamy water.

Of course, if you can’t seem to get the foam to subside, a water change is the next best option, with a repair appointment being your final solution if your foamy water continues.

A Noisy Pump

When your pump begins interrupting the serenity of your spa session, it’s hard to ignore and often leaves people worried expensive repairs are lingering on the horizon.

But you’ll be happy to know that, most often, a loud pump is an easy issue to fix!

First things first, you’ll need to know what kind of noise your pump is making before you can diagnose it.

Pumps generally make two different types of noises:

  1. A growling sound
  2. A whining sound


If your pump has suddenly begun making a loud growling noise, it’s likely it’s not getting enough water.

Check the water levels in your hot tub, and top them up as needed. Most times, this will help clear up the noise.


More often than not, this signals an issue with your bearings.

If the bearings in your pump are worn down, or poorly lubricated, they’ll make a squealing or whining sound.

If this is the sound you’re hearing, check your bearings, and add some lubricant to them so they can more easily move against one another.

Alternatively, if they seem worn down, you may need to replace them with fresh bearings.

As always, if all else fails, call in the team of professionals to help diagnose and fix your loud pump.

When to Call the Professionals

Depending on your confidence level in repairing your spa, there are a few ways you can determine when it’s time to schedule professional hot tub repairs.

Water quality issues can often be handled on your own, but if you’re having trouble clearing them up and have exhausted all the common fixes, your best option is to schedule service.

Ultimately, it’s always a good idea to have a certified technician come out and repair your hot tub sooner rather than later to avoid any damage from continuing to affect other parts of your spa.

hot tub repairs

8 Tips for Maintaining The Quality of Your Hot Tub

How well you care for your hot tub will have a significant impact on how often you’re facing hot tub repairs, and there are a few essential steps that will help keep your spa in pristine condition.

  1. Change Your Water Seasonally
  2. Don’t Skip Deep Cleans
  3. Follow a Maintenance Routine
  4. Test Your Water 2-3 Times a Week
  5. Keep Your Water Balanced
  6. Use The Right Treatment Products
  7. Perform Routine Inspections
  8. Include Professional Service

Each one of these steps will help you maintain the overall health of your spa, catch issues early, and ensure your spa is functioning at its best!

Hot Tub Repair Service in Whistler and Squamish

Are you looking for a reliable hot tub repair service you can put your trust in?

Your hot tub is an investment, and when it comes to professional service in Whistler and Squamish, Poolside Spa Sales & Service is a clear choice!

After nearly 40 years serving our communities, we’ve gained a reputation that goes far beyond fixing your spa. Our team is here to ensure your spa receives the best care, and is running in peak condition anytime they walk into your backyard.

Whether you’re looking to make your routine spa care easier, need urgent repairs, or are looking for a new spa to amp up your backyard enjoyment, Poolside Spa Sales & Service is here to help!

Contact us today, or request a service appointment online, and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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