CLEARRAY XL Replacement Bulb for Sundance and Jacuzzi


    • Effective Sanitation: The ClearRay Water Management System kills 99.9% of waterborne pathogens in your hot tub. A fresh, functional CLEARRAY Bulb is the heart of this modern sanitizer.
    • Economical Choice: Each CLEARRAY XL bulb is rated to last one year under normal usage, keeping your bathers safe and your water clean, clear, and free of algae and bacteria. If your bulb is over a year old, it may be time for a replacement.
    • Safe for Bathers: The CLEARRAY Water Management System is inside the circulation pipes of your Sundance or Jacuzzi brand spa. Water from your spa is drawn into the UV treatment chamber, naturally sanitized, then returned to the bathing area.
    • Reduces Chemical Load: Hot tubs treated with anti-microbial lights require fewer chemicals at lighter concentrations to sanitize and provide the same level of safe, clear water.


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Genuine CLEARRAY XL Bulb for both Jacuzzi and Sundance Spas.
CLEARRAY UV-C Technology treats water with the power of nature-inspired ultraviolet light to neutralize water-borne pathogens. Ultraviolet light disrupts the DNA of bacteria and viruses. This process occurs in a small water-treatment chamber, away from bathers. All water from your hot tub circulates through this chamber and emerges clean and sanitized. The result is clean, clear, fresh water.

Jacuzzi and Sundance Spas developed the CLEARRAY system in partnerhip. CLEARRAY bulbs are manufactured by Sundance Spas with the support of both brands. The CLEARRAY UV sanitizing system has been an option on Sundance Spas since 2012, and has been standard on most models since 2015. The CLEARRAY UV sanitizing system has been an option on Jacuzzi hot tubs since 2012 and has been standard on all Jacuzzi hot tubs since 2017. This product has the full support of both hot tub manufacturers and complies fully with your existing manufacturer’s warranty.

The CLEARRAY XL Bulb is a user-replaceable part, and each bulb includes brief printed instructions. Under normal conditions, UV light is invisible. Never look directly at a UV bulb unless you are certain it is turned off. To safeguard your eyes, you must disconnect power to your hot tub before you replace the bulb. Simply turning off your hot tub is not enough. Oil from your fingers can degrade the delicate coating on the UV lightbulb and reduce its lifespan, so each bulb includes a disposable latex glove for proper handling.

Nearly all Sundance and Jacuzzi models use this CLEARRAY bulb, the CLEARRAY XL. Your owner’s manual will tell you if your tub requires the smaller, “non XL” CLEARRAY bulb. This is part # 6472-841.

For optimal sanitation, pick up a fresh SunPurity or ProClear mineral sanitizer for your hot tub!