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  • CLEARRAY XL Replacement Bulb for Sundance and Jacuzzi

      • Effective Sanitation: The ClearRay Water Management System kills 99.9% of waterborne pathogens in your hot tub. A fresh, functional CLEARRAY Bulb is the heart of this modern sanitizer.
      • Economical Choice: Each CLEARRAY XL bulb is rated to last one year under normal usage, keeping your bathers safe and your water clean, clear, and free of algae and bacteria. If your bulb is over a year old, it may be time for a replacement.
      • Safe for Bathers: The CLEARRAY Water Management System is inside the circulation pipes of your Sundance or Jacuzzi brand spa. Water from your spa is drawn into the UV treatment chamber, naturally sanitized, then returned to the bathing area.
      • Reduces Chemical Load: Hot tubs treated with anti-microbial lights require fewer chemicals at lighter concentrations to sanitize and provide the same level of safe, clear water.


  • Cover Shelf


    The CoverShelf is simply that…a “shelf” mounted to your hot tub cabinet to store your cover without obstructing the view. Simply fold the cover in half and slide it out onto the sturdy aluminum bars.  It’s hard to imagine a simpler and more effective method to remove and store your cover.  The Cover Shelf features:…

  • Jacuzzi 2540-389 ProPolish Filter Bag


    Jacuzzi replacement filter bag, part #2540-389, for J-400 series hot tubs. This ProPolish filter bag works alongside your 2540-387J filter or your 2540-384 filter. It screens out twigs, grass, bugs, flower petals, and other large particles before they get to your filter cartridges. This bag is a durable part that you should rinse and clean for several seasons of use. With careful cleaning and care, this filter bag will last for up to two years.

    This official Jacuzzi replacement filter bag is only for hot tubs in the J-400 series, made between 2006–2012.

      • 2009–2012 J-480, J-470, J-465 hot tubs (works alongside filter 2540-387J, sold separately)
      • 2009–2012 J-460 model hot tubs (works alongside filter 2540-384, sold separately)
      • 2006–2008 J-480, J-470, J-465 hot tubs (works alongside filter 2540-383J, sold separately)
      • If you have a J-495, J-425, or J-415, this filter bag is not for you.

    As a factory-authorized Jacuzzi dealer, we offer a full manufacturer’s warranty on all parts. However, filters, including this filtration bag, are designed to get dirty and (eventually) clogged during normal use. This normal wear and tear is not covered by any warranty.

  • Jacuzzi J-400 Sliding Pillow 2472-820

      • Genuine Jacuzzi brand part
      • Perfect match for your J-400 series hot tub
      • Clear window for headrest lighting

    The mounting hardware is not included. Contact your licensed Jacuzzi repair technician if you require new plastic mounting hardware.

  • Jacuzzi J-LX/J-LXL Pillow 6455-485

      • Jacuzzi J-LX/J-LXL Pillow Replacement
      • 2011+
      • Snap-in
  • Jacuzzi Pillow 2472-135 for new J-300 Spas

    • Genuine Jacuzzi brand part
    • Perfect match for your new J-300 series hot tub
    • Dark grey textured finish
    • Soft and luxurious

    This product is back in stock, but at limited quantities. Please order only what you need.

  • Jacuzzi Pillow with Insert 2472-824


    Restore your backyard oasis with these genuine Jacuzzi 2472-824 pillows. Pillows are one of the ways in which your spa can show its age. Replacing dingy, cracked, or waterlogged pillows can help your spa look new again! These pillows contain a translucent window for the proud Jacuzzi name to shine through on tubs equipped with…

  • Jacuzzi Pillow with Insert 2472-826 (Oval)


    Restore your backyard oasis with these genuine Jacuzzi 2472-826 pillows. Pillows are one of the ways in which your spa can show its age. Replacing dingy, cracked, or waterlogged pillows can help your spa look new again! The Jacuzzi 2472-826 pillow contains a translucent window for the proud Jacuzzi name to shine through on tubs…

  • Jacuzzi ProClarity 6473-157 Filter (40 SQ FT)


    This genuine Jacuzzi brand replacement filter works with most Jacuzzi hot tub models in the J-400 collection and J-300 collection. Before the water enters your jets, it flows through this filter, so a fresh and clean filter ensures good water pressure and clean plumbing. While you can and should clean your filter cartridge regularly with…

  • Jacuzzi Proclarity Depth Load Filter 6473-161

      • Microfiber media traps the smallest particles deep in the filter core and does not release them, giving you crystal clean water.
      • Best level of filtration available. Cleans finer particles for clearer water
      • Jacuzzi Genuine Part
      • Change after 3 months.
      • Use with Jacuzzi Filter 6473-157 (All 2013+ models of J-400 series Jacuzzi hot tubs)
      • Use with Jacuzzi Filter 6473-158 for 2012 models of J-480, J-470, and J-465
  • Jacuzzi Proclear 6000-383 Filter (60 SQ FT)

    • Diameter: 6 3/4″ Length: 15 1/2″ Bottom: 2″ SAE thread
    • Genuine Jacuzzi Parts
    • Twist off cap accommodates PROCLEAR Mineral Spa Sanitizer
    • Filtration Area: 60 SQ FT
    • Cartridge lasts up to 18 months with routine care

    *New part number 6000-383AJ* is the same as old part number 6000-383

  • Jacuzzi ProClear Sanitizer 2890-185


    The ProClear Spa Sanitizer delivers a more efficiently sanitized, easily maintained, and odor-free hot tub. ProClear significantly improves the look and feel of your water by providing a more consistent PH balance. Using trace elements of silver, ProClear kills bacteria more effectively than chlorine alone. Your spa water is not only brilliantly clear and soft, but gives you an alternative to chlorine-intensive treatments.

    Product Specifications

    • Available for spas: Up to 500 gallons
    • Works with all spa flow rates
    • Cartridge lasts 4 months

    As of November 2020, this item is out of stock. We apologize. We are trying to get more ProClear.

  • SmartBar with Drawer


    Need a place to keep our drinks while soaking in the tub?  Welcome to the SmartBar by Leisure Concepts. A slip-resistant tread keeps items from slipping away. Safely place drinks, phones, etc within arms reach. The Smart Bar comes standard with a drawer (SmartDrawer) for convenient, secure storage. Features: Measures: 39″ long x 15 1/2″…

  • SmartRail Hot Tub Handrail


    The SmartRail by Leisure Concepts features a slip-free, black foam grip that makes hot tub entry and exit much safer.  Smart Rail can be mounted to the side of the hot tub cabinet or on a deck for sunk-in (recessed) hot tubs.  An excellent accessory for any hot tub! Features: Safely enter and exit hot…

  • Spa Caddy


    The SpaCaddy is a convinience and versatile place to store books, drinks or anything else you may need within arms reach while enjoying our hot tub.  Mounted to the hot tub cabinet, this sturdy tray can swing in towards the hot tub or out over the side to allow your hot tub cover to close.  The…

  • Towel Bar


    The Towel bar is a must have acessorie and is the most convenient way to keep your towels close, clean and dry.  So simply yet makes all the difference!  Gone are the days of drapping your towels over lawn chairs or leaving them in a pile on the ground next to the hot tub.  Think…

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