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10 Best Hot Tub Privacy Ideas for This Season

If you live in a secluded area, searching for hot tub privacy ideas may not be high on your list of to-do’s, but for many, finding ways to relax without worrying about prying eyes and nosey neighbours is a necessity!

With the weather beginning to cool off and the leaves beginning to change colour, many people are beginning to adjust their routines to maximize comfort. For many, this may mean using their hot tub more frequently.

Hot tubs offer an abundance of benefits, one of which is the luxurious ways they can ease your body into relaxation and warm you up after being out in the chilly air. They’re also a great way to turn up the heat during a get-together with your friends this season.

But what if, during your blissful soak, your neighbour starts trying to chat with you?

Maybe your hot tub is surrounded by multistory homes that tower above, giving everyone around you a clear view into your backyard!

This is a concern for many. After all, stepping into your hot tub is supposed to be an escape, closing out the world and treating your body with a personalized spa session. That certainly can’t happen if you feel exposed!

This is usually what kicks off the hunt for hot tub privacy ideas.

If making your hot tub more private and keeping prying eyes out is something you’re working towards before the busy holiday season begins, this article is your ultimate guide!

10 Hot Tub Privacy Ideas To Make Your Backyard More Comfortable This Season

There are many ways to add an additional layer of privacy to your hot tub, and some even provide other benefits that can elevate your spa experience.

Here are the ten most common and reliable hot tub privacy ideas that can elevate your backyard this season.

1. Pergolas

Pergolas are an elegant addition to any backyard and can be elevated in numerous ways.

These wooden structures have an open roof with thick beams to create a checkered pattern, giving your backyard a sense of beauty while adding an additional barrier to the outside world.

Pergolas can be dressed up to increase their privacy by adding climbing vines on the roof. As they grow, they’ll overtake the top and create a lavish overgrown ceiling, protecting you from any nearby 2-story homes and giving you some added shade during the bright days of summer.

You can also consider adding curtains on each side, allowing you to close them when using your hot tub, blocking out the outside world and having a private spa right in your backyard!

These curtains can be any colour and can be a supporting aspect of your yard’s aesthetic or can become the centrepiece to be the first thing people see when they walk into your backyard.

For a bold pop of colour, add some vibrant green curtains, or opt to match the colour to the flowers in your yard.

For something more elegant, add thin, bright white curtains. These can give your pergola a more classic appearance and can help create the illusion of a beachy escape.

2. Gazebos

Gazebos are much like pergolas. However, they have a fully solid roof and often have two or more sides closed off, adding maximum privacy.

If your gazebo doesn’t have any closed walls, you can increase the privacy by adding curtains, much like on the pergola, or by adding mesh privacy walls.

To elevate this even more, you could build a wall to block off one or two sides of it, giving you more coverage in the areas you need it most.

One of the most significant benefits of a gazebo is its solid roof.

This ensures your hot tub is sheltered from the sun and gives you a way to relax as you listen to the rain or snow falling on the roof above you. It also lets you soak with confidence, knowing that no neighbours can see in from their second story!

3. Covana Hot Tub Covers

Covana hot tub covers have become a popular cover option for many.

The first of their kind, Covana covers, are fully automated, allowing you to open your hot tub cover by simply turning a key!

These covers were designed in Canada and have been made to withstand the harsh Canadian winters. This makes them ideal for cold environments, letting you feel confident your hot tub will be protected through any weather.

These covers provide privacy from above, with each model having a solid roof and can be equipped with retractable privacy screens, allowing you to customize your cover to meet your individual privacy needs.

4. Greenery

Planting a luscious garden can be a long-lasting and visually appealing privacy solution. The range of plants you can use as privacy barriers is substantial, so no matter your style, there is a plant for you.

One of the most popular options include shrubs and thick trees.

Shrubs often grow fairly quickly and can often be trimmed into various shapes, making them an ideal solution for many. Two of the most popular include boxwood shrubs or privet hedges.

If you enjoy aromatherapy, planting some thick jasmine bushes may be a welcome addition to your yard. These bushes grow fast and dense, creating a lush barrier between you and the outside world.

When flowering, your yard will be filled with the gentle floral scent of jasmine, well known for its mood-boosting properties and its ability to support more restful sleep.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a dense tree to plant along your fenceline, you may want to consider arborvitae or small spruce or fir trees. These thick trees don’t grow very fast, so they’re best used if you don’t mind waiting.

Over time, these trees can grow to become a vibrant green fence, even throughout the winter, and provide maximum privacy on all sides of your yard!

5. Lattice

Lattice can be an elegant addition to your yard and gives you some customization. When placed around your hot tub, these tall wooden structures can act as privacy walls and can be filled with plants to make them into a thriving garden!

Consider adding climbing ivy to it or hanging vibrant plants off the rungs to help with privacy while also adding a pop of colour to your space.

As an added benefit, a lattice is a cost-effective solution if you’re sticking to a budget. Not only are they generally inexpensive, but they can also be an easy and fun DIY project.

6. Privacy Walls

This is another option that can be both bought or built on your own and can be made out of anything, ranging from wood to mesh.

Privacy walls can be stand-alone structures or retractable. This gives you some customization for your privacy and control over how these walls affect your yard from day to day.

For a statement piece, consider using wooden privacy walls around one or two sides of your hot tub. This will keep prying eyes out while also adding a decorative element to your space.

If you are only concerned about privacy while using your hot tub, adding a retractable privacy screen may be your best option.

These screens allow you to easily tuck them away when not in use, maintaining the wide-open feeling of your yard, and can be easily extended to create an instant wall before you drop below the crystal clear water of your spa.

7. An Umbrella

If your concern is neighbours looking into your yard from above, an umbrella may be the solution you need. Spa umbrellas come with a large, heavy set base keeping them from tipping over and making them easy and reliable to use.

Not only will they add a barrier between you and anyone above, but they will also provide shade while using your hot tub during a midday spa session and protect your water chemistry levels from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

These umbrellas can be bought in many colours, giving you some personalization over their appearance in your yard. Opt for a bright colour for a vibrant, summery appeal or a crisp white for a fresh and timeless look.

8. Stone Walls

This option may take a bit more work and isn’t as cost-effective as some of the other options on this list, however, they can be a powerful statement piece for your yard while adding impressive privacy where it’s needed.

Stone walls can be used to add some rustic appeal to your space and can even tie in with your existing patio. These walls can offer privacy from all sides. However, they won’t offer any protection from above.

When considering a stone wall, think of your privacy needs, your budget, and the aesthetic of your backyard.

9. Incorporate Levels into Your Yard

If you have a yard that allows for it, consider adding some levels. This can be using an elevated deck, a multistory deck, or adding some depth to a section of your yard close to your house where your hot tub could be tucked away.

This solution may require extensive work and would best be suited for those doing renovations to their backyard. However, if you already have an elevated deck, installing your hot tub below it would help provide some natural privacy without needing any additional work.

If your deck is able to withstand the weight of a full hot tub, you could even consider installing your spa on it, raising it off the ground and eliminating the need to block views from above.

10. Installation Location

Where you install your hot tub can have a significant impact on the privacy around it. For example, if you install it in a corner near your house, the side of your house will act as a natural barrier from one side, while the fence will protect it from the other.

You may also consider installing your hot tub indoors if you have the space. This would provide you maximum privacy and security, ensuring you could enjoy your hot tub with ease without the need for additional privacy solutions.

Before installing your hot tub, look at the possible locations you can install it, and take note of the pre-existing privacy barriers your yard offers.

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