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4 Landscape Ideas To Compliment Your Outdoor Hot Tub or Pool

If you are fortunate enough to own one of the best hot tubs or pools available, then you can understand why it can be such a source of pride.

As a homeowner, it is second nature to treat it as an extension of yourself, demonstrating your unique sense of identity within a precisely calibrated space.

For many of us, there is no limit to where our creativity will take us, and often envision some of the most incredible landscapes.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at how you can bring your pool or hot tub installation to life with the best landscape ideas.

Creating an Extraordinary Oasis – 4 Best Landscape Ideas

landscape ideas - outdoor hot tub

1. Your Backyard Layout and Design

The first question that usually comes to mind before a purchase is, where should everything go? If you intend to entertain often, you may wish to take that into account when considering the perfect location.

If you wish to have an area all of your own, then that should also be an important part of the plan.

Anticipate problems before they arise in your environment. Location is everything and while many hot tubs can be transferred to another spot with relative ease, it is much more difficult to move an already-placed swimming pool.

2. Gazebo Installation

Many people find that they enjoy a gazebo or a pergola in their yard in addition to the hot tub or pool. It is often used as a space that grants some concealment to those who prefer to swim in private.

With an extensive variety of shapes and colors available, your backyard can easily be transformed into a luscious tropical garden or an exotic mountain retreat with only a few creative embellishments necessary to create the mood.

Trellises are a simple, but far from ordinary, design that can support beautiful ivy or flowers. Hanging baskets of ferns or large pots filled with decorative grasses are also an elegant way to provide a layer of security while enhancing the spa.

3. Plants and Flowers

Some plants may be chosen purely for their aesthetic value while others have a more practical ability.

For example, citronella is not only a type of candle but also a leafy perennial that can grow up to six feet tall and has a powerful scent that is very useful as a natural insect repellent.

There are plants that can also discourage biting insects while beautifying your yard.

Lavender is known for having a smell that can also be very soothing to people.

Marigolds are a popular addition to any garden and while having a scent that is strongly offensive to bugs, it is quite lovely to look at.

Basil, which keeps unwanted pests at bay, is a very attractive plant that is both a necessary and delicious ingredient used in making a fresh Caprese salad.

4. A Space for Relaxation

It is easy to see that there is no real limit to creating the ultimate environment for yourself.

In addition to the physical strength that comes from swimming and the therapeutic properties of a spa, the blissful tranquility that comes from landscaping can help make your home the perfect place when it comes to improving your quality of life.

With the right pool accessories and implementing some of our landscape ideas, you can have the backyard you always wanted!

Pools and Spas in Whistler and Squamish

If this article has inspired you to start designing your dream home and you know that having a pool or hot tub is an essential part of it, please check out our blog for more ideas.

Be sure to come to Poolside Spa Services located in Whistler and Squamish for all of your pool and hot tub accessories.

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