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Smart Technology Every Backyard Should Have – Top 4 Trends

Smart technology is no longer just for your house. Now, you can bring it outside, making your outdoor living space even more convenient and comfortable.

Let’s take a look at the best smart technology trends for the backyard.

1. Smart Hot Tub

If you want to relax in a luxurious spa complete with smart technology, look no further than a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub. Thanks to its SmartTub™ System, your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub can easily connect to your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to take your spa ownership to the next level.

Once you’ve downloaded the SmartTub™ System app to your phone, you can easily manage your spa whether you’re in your backyard or are all the way across town.

The SmartTub™ System found in Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs offers maintenance tips and videos for your hot tub, provides energy usage estimates, and power outage notifications. It also allows you to update settings, such as energy efficiency and temperature.

If a problem crops up, it will send an alert to you and your spa dealer. You can then ‘Click for Service’ if you want a professional to look at the problem.

2. Smart Lawn Maintenance

You no longer need to remember to water your lawn, thanks to the variety of smart sprinkler systems that can be controlled via your laptop, tablet, smartphone, or smart home device. These Wi-Fi-enabled sprinkler systems allow you to water your yard remotely.

As an added bonus, with this smart technology, you never have to worry about over or under-watering. When you input information such as the amount of sun exposure, and plant or grass type, the smart water irrigation system will adjust to fit your lawn’s needs. It even adjusts its water schedule based on the local weather forecast.

3. Smart Ceiling Fan

Yes, as strange as it may sound to install a ceiling fan outside, a high-tech version of the traditional model can add to your comfort and relaxation outdoors.

Whether you install it over top of your patio or hang it from a pergola, gazebo, or verandah, a Wi-Fi-enabled fan not only lends some relief when it’s hot but is also a great help in keeping away mosquitoes and other pesky insects.

Controlled via your smartphone or a home assistant like Alexa, these fans will definitely lend some comfort to your outdoor living area.

4. Smart Grill

Powered by Wi-Fi, today’s smart grills ensure perfectly cooked meat every time. Using an app on your smartphone, you can have your grill fired up and ready to cook exactly when you need it.

And while the meat is cooking, courtesy of the direct and efficient heat produced by the infrared burner, you can relax instead of hovering over the grill.

If you use a smart thermostat to check your meat, you can ensure perfect steaks, chicken breast, and hamburgers every time.

Poolside Spa Services

Need some additional tips to get your backyard ready for spring with smart technology? Get in touch with Poolside Spa Services, the supplier of the best outdoor hot tubs and hot tub maintenance in British Columbia. Our goal is to help you enjoy your backyard to the fullest with the best smart technology.

Drop by either of our showrooms or send us a message with any questions you might have. Our experts are always happy to help.

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