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Spring Cleaning Your Pool & Backyard Living Space – 5 Tips

With spring right around the corner and warmer summer months on the horizon, now may be a good time to start thinking about spring cleaning. Spring cleaning your pool, that is!

A tidy backyard and a perfectly balanced pool are easy to overlook but will help you to get the most enjoyment out of your space.

To make sure that your backyard living space is ready to enjoy, we have curated a list of steps and tips to employ to freshen up and clean your home oasis!

Make a List

As you think about all the steps to be completed in refreshing your backyard, keep a list of tasks you think of. This helps to ensure that your relaxation time is not broken up by a last-minute emergency spring cleaning! Work methodically on your list, taking time to enjoy the weather!

New Supplies

Starting spring cleaning is often a good time to take an inventory of the supplies you have left. Spring cleaning and opening your pool are easier and more relaxing when you have functional equipment!

Replace any broken or run-down accessories, stock up on pool chemicals, and consider adding some new accessories to your collection!

Give Yourself Time

Experts recommend starting to “open” your pool at least a week in advance. This allows time for spring cleaning, proper chemical addition, and titration, as well as water circulation and testing.

Providing yourself with extra time ensures you don’t feel rushed and creates a safer pool experience. The extra time you give yourself helps to decrease the impulse to rush and allows for more enjoyment of the season!

Clean Your Backyard

Once you have your pool water circulating, it may be time to start on your other outdoor areas. Start with a rake, and get rid of dead grass, fallen leaves, and other debris. When this is completed, there should be a noticeable change in the appearance of your lawn.

Aerate the grass, water bulbs, and consider adding seasonal plants to your backyard! After your yard is looking fresh, consider using a pressure washer and soap to clean your structures! Pathways, pergolas, and gazebos will benefit from a wash as well.

Consider A New Focal Point

Whether this is a new plant, a birdhouse, or even a fountain, a new focal point can help to refresh any backyard area. A waterfall in the pool creates soothing energy, a birdbath will draw new life in!

Think about what makes you the most relaxed, and what you would want to incorporate!

Poolside Spa Services

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