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Hot Tub Chemicals 101: Your Complete Guide & Checklist

Cleaning a hot tub is more than just preserving the looks. While everyone wants a sparkling clean spa, regular cleaning and maintenance do more than that. They keep vital components like filters functioning properly. This prolongs the life of the spa.

Hot tub maintenance shouldn’t be time-consuming, confusing or difficult.

Here’s everything you need to know about hot tub chemicals and everything else to do it with ease.

What Does Spa Maintenance Entail?

  • Using the right hot tub chemical treatments
  • Regularly testing the water
  • Draining and refilling the water
  • Covering it when not in use

These few maintenance routines will help keep your hot tub clean and functional.

Let’s look at some essential cleaning chemicals you can use.

Oxidizing Cleaner

An oxidizing cleaner will remove most stains from your hot tub. It will also collect any mineral deposits causing discoloration.

Caustic Cleaner

Caustic cleaners dissolve proteins, fats, and grease using an alkaline formula. Common caustic cleaners are made from highly concentrated sodium hydroxide. The cleaner produces little foam, letting you target more areas.

Acid Drain Cleaner

Most clogging in a hot tub comes from foreign materials blocking the outlets. An acid drain cleaner will clear such obstacles by eating through them.

Most acid drain cleaners use sulfuric acid. Be careful with these agents since they react with different materials.

Enzyme Cleaner

An enzyme agent should be your priority if you want a natural alternative. Enzyme cleaners will do an excellent job of eliminating stains and odors from your hot tub.

Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

We’ve covered the basic types of cleaners you’ll need. Let’s now explore a few tips to remember when cleaning your hot tub.

1. Check the Colour of the Water

Greenish-looking water usually indicates that your hot tub is dirty. Knowing what different colors mean helps you choose a cleaning agent.

For example, green indicates algae growth inside the filter cartridge or underneath the hot tub cover. But, white indicates that the water has too much calcium. It could also mean that the pump needs maintenance.

If there’s mold in the hot tub, you can expect white or pink discoloration. Always determine the cause of the problem before buying a cleaning agent.

2. Have a Cleaning Regimen

A cleaning schedule is your best solution for keeping your hot tub spotless. A complete cleanup should last about an hour. While that sounds like a lot of work, remember, you’ll only do it every few weeks or months.

It helps clean your hot tub throughly. That’s why the weekends are a great time to do it.

Once you’ve decided when and how to proceed, stick to a schedule. Avoid the temptation to skip a session as it may create a downward trend. Like other personal routines, a positive habit will make the work more manageable.

3. Test the pH of the Water

Testing the pH of your hot tub will help protect everyone and keep it functioning optimally. To do this, use a standard Testing Kit whenever you clean the hot tub.

PH levels lower than 7.2 or higher than 7.8 will cause problems, including itchy skin and burning eyes. You don’t have to remember the safe pH values as the Testing Kits have guides for comparing the results.

Another thing, keep a record of the different weekly readings. It might guide you on which cleaning chemicals to buy to control the alkalinity.

4. Check the Outside Surface and Hot Tub Cover Regularly

Many hot tub owners overlook cleaning the spa surface and cover. Keep in mind that the two areas can be sources of algae.

They have regular contact with hot water, which helps foreign microorganisms to thrive.

The best hot tub chemicals to clean the outside shell and cover are a simple dish detergent, water, vinegar, and baking soda. Regardless of the product you use, rinse off all the chemicals.

5. Change the Water

Many spa owners overlook the importance of changing the water. It’s a simple chore that you only need to do three to four times a year.

The best time to change your water is when cleaning the hot tub. It also allows you to clean your hot tub properly. Your spa should be off before pulling the drain.

Once the cleaning is over, use a hose to rinse off any slime or mold from the hot tub.

Schedule Professional Hot Tub Service – 3 Top Benefits

If all this seems like a lot of work, why not let a professional handle it?

Poolside Spa Services offers cleaning, maintenance, and repairs you may not have the time or energy to do.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of engaging a professional.

1. You Don’t Need to Hoard Supplies

You’ll no longer worry about having a cabinet full of cleaning hot tub chemicals. You can finally leave that to the professionals.

Some of the most effective supplies can be expensive. This makes it hard to justify buying them for a single spa. However, a professional cleaner will have top-of-the-line products since that’s their specialization.

2. You Get More Free Time to Handle Other Tasks

If you work all week, the last thing you want is to spend the weekends scrubbing surfaces or hooking up a hose. Your weekends don’t have to be busy or taxing.

Poolside Spa Services makes your weekend a time for relaxation, not fixing and cleaning.

3. A Professional is an Expert

Let’s face it. No matter how good you are at cleaning, the professionals can probably do a better job. After all, cleaning is their work.

Professional spa cleaners have a lot of experience. So they know what to look out for regardless of the condition of the hot tub. They can advise you on the best chemicals to use to clean your spa with minimal assessment.

An expert has accumulated lots of knowledge and insights over the years. As such, they know when to consider maintenance instead of cleaning. It takes time and experience to develop such skills.

Shop Hot Tub Chemicals in British Columbia Today

Looking to buy cleaning hot tub chemicals or want professionals to handle everything for you?

Our team at Poolside Spa Services is always here to help.

That’s why we have a blog and different other sections on our website covering FAQs and backyard planning, among other hot tub topics.

Contact our experts today if you’re ready to take the next step in giving your spa a refreshing touch.

We are more than happy to hear from you and then offer our services diligently.

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