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4 Best Outdoor Hot Tub Trends

If you’re planning a backyard makeover this spring but are in need of some inspiration, look no further.

Our list of the top outdoor hot tub trends for 2022 will give you lots of great ideas for making your backyard the place you want to be this year.

1. Built-In Outdoor Hot Tub

Nothing brings elegance and serenity to an outdoor space like a built-in outdoor hot tub. This year, it’s all about tying your spa into a cohesive backyard space. Whether you choose a pre-fabricated in-ground spa or spring for the added expense of a custom build, there are a variety of design options available to you.

If you wish to incorporate your spa into your deck or patio, you’ll be able to customize the installation to complement your existing landscaping. You can opt to have your spa built right into your deck or stonework, or it can sit atop the current decking or patio. To tie it in, simply build in around your spa with your preferred material and add some steps.

2. Natural Materials

When designing your ideal backyard getaway this year, consider sticking with natural materials. Choosing wood, stone or brick is all the rage this year, and for a good reason.

Natural materials blend well in an outdoor environment and lend to the serenity and peace of your deck, patio, or gazebo. Sticking to neutral colors for your patio furniture is also a good idea. Browns, whites, tans, beiges, and even shades of grey and black work well.

Be sure your furniture complements the colors of your patio, deck, and hot tub for a cohesive look.

3. Covered Pergola

One of the biggest advantages of a covered pergola is that it seamlessly extends your living space outside. It’s also an attractive way to protect your family from the summer sun. There are a number of options for pergolas, including installing one over your outdoor hot tub or an outdoor kitchen or sitting area.

Not only do pergolas protect your outdoor area from the sun, but when the top louvers are closed, they keep the rain out.

To give your covered pergola a little extra ambiance, consider stringing or hanging lights. You can also mount lights on the pergola’s supporting posts or choose the up-lighting method in which lights are attached to the bottom of the pergola stand.

4. Cohesive Outdoor Living Areas

There’s a wide array of choices when it comes to designing an outdoor entertainment area for your home. From outdoor kitchens to outdoor seating areas to elaborate fire pits, the options are endless.

The key to having a cohesive backyard living space is to choose a color palette and stick to it. It’s important, for instance, to tie your hot tub, seating, and barbecue area together.

So whether you opt for an elaborate outdoor kitchen complete with a grill, pizza oven, and outdoor sink, or you want something a little more simple like a built-in fire pit, think ahead to what colors and material will work best together.

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