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4 Best Reasons To Use Your Hot Tub In The Winter

Just because winter is well on its way doesn’t mean that you can’t continue to enjoy the pleasure of being out in the fresh air.

Even if you’re not a winter sports enthusiast, you can still enjoy your time outdoors.

Simply fire up your hot tub, don your bathing suit and grab a warm winter hat. Nothing is more relaxing than sinking into the blissfully warm water of your spa on a cold winter’s day.

The contrast between the heated water of your spa and the coolness of the air is truly invigorating.

If you need a little more convincing on the benefits of winter hot tubbing, you’ve come to the right spot.

Read on for our top four reasons to hit the spa this winter.

1. It Can Help Keep You Healthy

Did you know regular hot tub use can be a handy tool to have in your arsenal against germs and viruses?

Now that cold and flu season is in full swing, keeping your immune system strong is key to staying healthy.

In addition to eating well and getting sufficient sleep, regular hot tub use can be very effective in keeping seasonal illnesses at bay.

While there are no absolute guarantees, it has been found that the heated water of your spa will not only improve your circulation but can also elevate your white blood cell production as well.

White blood cells are powerful healing agents and, when carried through the bloodstream, will go to the parts of your body where germs or toxins are present.

Not only is this a natural way to fight germs, but you get to relax while your cells are hard at work.

2. It Offers Pain Relief

Winter often brings with it more aches and pains, whether it’s from shoveling snow, slipping on ice, or arthritic flare-ups.

If you’re looking for a natural way to find relief, your hot tub is the answer.

The combination of heated water and jet massage not only eases muscle tension and relieves soreness but also increases your endorphin production.

When this feel-good hormone level elevates, your body relaxes naturally.

As an added bonus, the improved circulation your body will enjoy, courtesy of the heat, decreases swelling and inflammation, offering relief to injured muscles and joints.

3. It Helps You Beat the Cold

If you’ve spent the day on the slopes, nothing beats a relaxing soak in the hot tub.

Not only does it warm up chilly limbs, but it can ease muscle aches caused by skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing.

Or maybe you’ve spent a day on the snowmobile trails.

Not only does your hot tub thaw your frozen toes, but it also brings relief to muscles forced to hold the same position for several hours.

4. It’s the Best Way to Party

There’s no better way to add interest to a party than with a hot tub. Make sure your guests come prepared with bathing suits, robes, and hats and have some party music queued on your phone or stereo system.

Whether your gathering is low-key or high-energy, using your spa will be a welcome way for your guests to relax and chat or even play party games such as pass the bottle or water hockey.

The entertaining possibilities are endless.

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