Jacuzzi Pillow 2472-135 for new J-300 Spas


  • Genuine Jacuzzi brand part
  • Perfect match for your new J-300 series hot tub
  • Dark grey textured finish
  • Soft and luxurious

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Restore your backyard oasis with these genuine Jacuzzi 2472-135 pillows. Pillows are one of the ways in which your spa can show its age. Replacing dingy, cracked, or waterlogged pillows can help your spa look new again! Jacuzzi Pillow 2472-135 features the modern hexagon texture and dark, charcoal-grey color of the current Jacuzzi lineup.

Contains the complete one-piece pillow: No mounting hardware is included. Your J-300 series hot tub should have permanent mounting hardware that should last for years and years.

The Jacuzzi 2472-135 pillow is for new (2020 and later) J-300 series spas. 2020 and 2021 J-300 hot tubs take two different pillows. Most seats use the “normal” pillows sold on this page. One seat, typically the lounge seat, uses the HydroSoothe massage pillow. That pillow has water spouting out the bottom. We do not offer that pillow for sale. Installing the massage pillow is a job for trained repair technicians.

This pillow, Jacuzzi part # 2472-135, installs easily with sturdy thumbs and a bit of care.

Compatibility list:

    • J-385 tubs 2020–2021
    • J-375 tubs 2020–2021
    • J-365 tubs 2020–2021
    • J-355 tubs 2020–2021
    • J-345 tubs 2020–2021
    • J-335 tubs 2020–2021
    • J-325 tubs 2020–2021
    • J-315 tubs 2020–2021

Pillows are consumable units that should be replaced every two or three years. We recommend cleaning your Jacuzzi 2472-135 pillows with our Hot Tub Things Pillow & Cover Cleaner. Its special formulation removes grease and hair products from your pillows without causing foamy water.