Jacuzzi 2540-389 ProPolish Filter Bag


Jacuzzi replacement filter bag, part #2540-389, for J-400 series hot tubs. This ProPolish filter bag works alongside your 2540-387J filter or your 2540-384 filter. It screens out twigs, grass, bugs, flower petals, and other large particles before they get to your filter cartridges. This bag is a durable part that you should rinse and clean for several seasons of use. With careful cleaning and care, this filter bag will last for up to two years.

This official Jacuzzi replacement filter bag is only for hot tubs in the J-400 series, made between 2006–2012.

    • 2009–2012 J-480, J-470, J-465 hot tubs (works alongside filter 2540-387J, sold separately)
    • 2009–2012 J-460 model hot tubs (works alongside filter 2540-384, sold separately)
    • 2006–2008 J-480, J-470, J-465 hot tubs (works alongside filter 2540-383J, sold separately)
    • If you have a J-495, J-425, or J-415, this filter bag is not for you.

As a factory-authorized Jacuzzi dealer, we offer a full manufacturer’s warranty on all parts. However, filters, including this filtration bag, are designed to get dirty and (eventually) clogged during normal use. This normal wear and tear is not covered by any warranty.

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An essential part of the filtration system for J-400 series Jacuzzi hot tubs. The Jacuzzi 2540-389 ProPolish filter bag catches larger particles such as bugs and seeds before they get to your filter cartridge. Most Jacuzzi J-400 hot tubs come with this filter bag as part of their initial set of filters. This Jacuzzi replacement filter bag can be rinsed, washed, and reused multiple times. Eventually, it may become so dirty or so frayed that replacing it becomes necessary.

This part should be hand-washed in dish soap and triple-rinsed before reuse. Do not use Cartridge Cleaner or Instant Cartridge Cleaner on this product.

Please note that this is NoT the debris attachment bag that goes inside the filter grille on many Jacuzzi models. This bag is much smaller and has a rigid plastic ring. The outer ring measures 6″ in diameter. The inner diameter is 4 1/2″ .