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5 New Year’s Resolutions To Help Reduce Your Stress

If 2021 has been a stressful year, looking for ways to de-stress in 2022 is a natural choice.

But how do you go about it?

We have some great suggestions for minimizing stress in the upcoming New Year.

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Reducing Your Stress

Let’s discuss the best New Year’s Resolutions you can make this year to reduce stress.

1. Hydrotherapy

Did you know warm water immersion is known as one of the most effective ways to combat stress and enhance your overall well-being?

Scheduling regular 20-minute sessions in your spa will have your body reaping not only the tension-relieving benefits of jet massage, but the benefits of immersion in warm water.

Soaking in heated water stimulates the production of endorphins, a feel-good chemical that relieves pain, and stimulates feelings of contentment.

Not only is hydrotherapy a great way to unwind at the end of a hard day, when used regularly, but it can also reduce your overall stress levels.

2. Exercise

Many people think that their New Year’s resolutions to exercise regularly means signing up for a gym membership.

But if you don’t enjoy going to the gym, then it’s not a resolution that will work for you. The key to getting physically fit in 2022 is choosing forms of exercise that you can stick to.

Do you enjoy swimming? Then look for gyms or sports centers that enable you to hit the pool to swim laps or join in water exercise classes.

If you thrive as part of a group, try signing up for yoga, aerobics, martial arts, or spin classes.

If you’re more of a lone wolf, there are many ways to exercise away from the crowd, from workout DVDs to scheduling regular walks in the park.

No matter what type of exercise you choose, you’ll feel better both physically and mentally and be better prepared to handle stress.

3. Eat Well

Did you know your eating habits impact not only your weight and physical health but your stress levels too?

Eating a well-balanced diet can play a big role in relieving stress. Rather than looking for a fad diet, though, focus on eating healthy.

Choosing a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole-grain carbs, and lean protein sources not only fuels your body but gives you more energy and improves focus.

So if you wanted to feel great in 2022, one of your New Year’s resolutions can be being more conscious of what you’re eating this year.

4. Get Outside

Whenever you have the chance to get out in the fresh air, take it. Being outdoors has been found to be an effective way to combat stress.

Both fresh air and sunshine play a role in lowering stress hormones in the body. While fresh air rejuvenates and energizes, sunshine stimulates the brain’s serotonin levels, also known as happy hormones.

Not everyone has time to spend an hour or more outside, but take time on your lunch break or after work to get some fresh air.

Whether you take a brisk walk in the park, do some window-shopping in the city or enjoy nature in your backyard, take more time this year to get outdoors.

5. Invest in Yourself

This can be a tall order for anyone with a busy schedule, but making yourself a priority in 2022 can help you to better deal with stress.

Whether you schedule regular massages or take time out of your schedule for hobbies you enjoy, having “me time” is essential to good mental health.

Why not set aside time for a pedicure or treat yourself to a day away every few months?

When you take time out to spoil yourself, you can feel the stresses of life fading away.

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