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11 Best Hot Tub Gifts For The Hot Tub Owner In Your Life

The holiday season is all about spending quality time with loved ones, wining and dining on sumptuous cuisine, and celebrating another year of life.

However, it’s also a time for gift-giving! Swapping thoughtful presents with friends and family helps make the holidays even more special than they already are.

Unfortunately, though, finding suitable hot tub gift ideas that the intended recipients will both use and appreciate can be easier said than done!

That’s why we decided to put this post together.

If you know someone who has a hot tub at home, there are a plethora of potential presents that are guaranteed to go down well! Want to find out all about them?

Read on for 11 of the best hot tub gifts for hot tub owners.

J-300 collection Jacuzzi hot tub cover and cover lifter in Whistler

1. Hot Tub Cover

Hot tub covers are a prime example of a gift idea with practical and aesthetic advantages.

Like slipping an elegant duvet cover over a bed, placing these essential items on a hot tub can transform its appearance. Not only that, but they also trap the heat inside, helping the heating system regulate the temperature more effectively.

In addition, by creating a barrier above the open water, these covers keep the water clean and improve the safety of hot tubs as well. That last point is sure to be a big deal for anyone with young children around.

2. Hot Tub Cover Lifter

The only problem with certain hot tub covers is that they’re heavy and cumbersome, making it a challenge to lift them off and onto the tub.

Enter the value of gifting someone a hot tub cover lifter.

Purpose-built to solve this issue, these clever devices fit onto the side of the tub and make removing it a breeze.

More often than not, it’s a simple matter of folding the cover back once and then allowing the mechanism to push and slide the cover over until it rests alongside the tub.

This would make an ideal gift for a hot tub owner with physical limitations.

However, the supreme convenience involved makes it something of a must-have for anyone with a hot tub at home!

3. Non-Slip Spa Steps

As any hot tub owner knows, there’s nothing better than sinking back into a bubbling pool of delightfully warm water at the end of a long day. It’s the perfect way to relax, unwind, and feel the tension slip away from your muscles.

On the subject of slipping, though, getting into and out of the hot tub can often prove troublesome (not to mention a little dangerous). This is particularly true if you’re older, smaller, or tend to carry other items (like a flute of champagne or a book) in with you.

That’s why having a set of non-slip spa steps makes such a difference.

A fantastic accompaniment to any hot tub or spa pool, they make it much safer and simpler to get in and out.

Some models, like our ProEndure synthetic spa steps, even incorporate LED lighting to prevent any unsighted accidents from occurring.

4. Shatterproof Glassware

Taking a glass of your favorite beverage into the hot tub with you is the cherry on top of what’s already a wonderful experience.

Until that is, you drop it and send shards of glass flying everywhere! Not only can it cause injuries to peoples’ feet and hands, but it’s also a nightmare to clean up. In worst-case scenarios, getting glass in the system can damage the hot tub itself.

Shatterproof glassware offers a valuable solution and, by the same token, makes for another highly practical gift for a hot tub owner. With a shatterproof glass in their hands, they’ll be able to enjoy their drink without a worry in the world.

5. Spa-Friendly Aromatherapy Products

Aromatherapy products take the relaxing nature of hot tubs to a whole new level.

Whether you use aromatherapy crystals, liquids, or spa bombs, they add another delightful sensory element to the experience! You have the hot water on your skin, bubbles massaging your muscles, and now a delicious scent hanging in the air as well. Just be sure that they are purchased from your local hot tub store and are 100% safe to use in a spa.

One of the more thoughtful gifts on this list, aromatherapy products always go down a treat.

6. Towels and Robes

Have you ever splashed out on an official spa day? Well, aside from the cucumber slices to place over your eyes, we’re guessing you were given luxurious towels to use and robes to wear, right?

If so, you’ll have felt for yourself how amazing it feels to wrap yourself up in these thick, warm, and cozy items after being pampered from top to toe!

Why not give the hot tub owner in your life the same joyous experience at home?

Deluxe towels or robes make great practical presents that any hot tub owner should have at their disposal. But their high-quality and lavish feel adds the special touch you might be looking for in a hot tub gift.

7. Outdoor Slippers

Footwear can provide something of a conundrum for someone who wants to venture outside for a soak in their hot tub.

They could put their shoes on, of course. Yet that involves the fuss of tying and untying their shoelaces. The alternative, going barefoot, will make their feet dirty, which is bad news when they want the water to remain as clean as possible.

The answer? Outdoor slippers.

Attractive and useful, spa slippers protect your feet and are easy to get on and off. If you’re hunting for a budget-friendly gift for a hot tub owner, then they’re hard to fault.

8. Outdoor Lighting

Imagine a crisp winter night, with the stars shining and a crescent moon hanging above your head.

Having finished work for the day, you remove your outdoor slippers, drop your robe onto a chair, and step down into the steaming water in your hot tub. Looking around, you see the yard lit with the soft glow of your new garden lighting.

Closing your eyes, you let out a sigh and feel yourself relax.

That entire scenario sounds amazing if you ask us!

And the outdoor lighting is a key reason why.

Firstly, illuminating the path to the hot tub adds a valuable safety element on dark nights. Furthermore, having low lighting in the area contributes to the general ambiance. It sets the mood and aids relaxation, making it another top-notch hot tub gift for a hot tub owner.

9. Gift Card to Local Hot Tub Store

Let’s face it, some people are harder to buy presents for than others. Whether you have no idea what they’d want or feel like they have everything already, picking something suitable out can seem impossible. Are you familiar with the struggle?

Consider buying them a gift card for a local hot tub store.

If our experience is anything to go off, they’ll accept it with pleasure every time. A safe bet, you’ll avoid the risk of purchasing something your loved one already owns or doesn’t really want.

Instead, they’ll be able to redeem it for an item or two they’ll both use and appreciate.

10. Waterproof Playing Cards

Spending time alone in the hot tub is always great, but sharing the experience with others can be even better.

It’s prime territory for having fun, joking around, and playing games…assuming, of course, that you can find suitable games for people sitting up to their necks in water!

That’s why a packet of waterproof playing cards is another of the best hot tub gifts for hot tub owners. Not only are card games a crowd favorite, but the fact they’re waterproof means it doesn’t matter if they get dropped, splashed, or soaked throughout the proceedings.

11. Waterproof Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Why not present your loved ones with the gift of music whenever they use their hot tub? Unique and practical, waterproof floating Bluetooth speakers rest on the surface, sync with any smartphone, and let you play your favorite tunes for hours at a time!

For an upgrade on floating speakers, consider our Bluewave Spa Stereo System.

Boasting premium sound quality, it allows you to use a smartphone to listen to music through the speakers in your Jacuzzi hot tub. A special docking compartment boasts a marine-rated seal, and the AUX input lets you plug-in from other devices too.

Combine those attributes with USB connectivity that charges your device while you listen, and the Bluewave stereo system’s hard to beat if you’re a music-loving hot tub owner.

Time to Buy the Best Hot Tub Gifts for Hot Tub Owners

There you have it, then: the best hot tub gifts for hot tub owners!

We hope these suggestions will make life easier for anyone who’s finding it hard to think up suitable gift ideas for loved ones this holiday season.

Whether you buy one or all of them, you can rest assured they’ll be received with gratitude.

For more ideas on this topic or to discover a wide range of other hot tub accessories, visit our showrooms.

At Poolside Spa Sales & Service, we can help you find anything you need to transform your backyard (or someone else’s) into an oasis.

Contact us today to learn more.

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