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Showcasing a stunning design and superior hydromassage, the J-585™ Hot Tub is the next generation of backyard luxury. Offering room for 6-7 adults, this model introduces a new PowerPro® Jet for the hips, and new PX Jet placement at the wrist. Offering room for 6-7 adults, the stunning J-585™ Hot Tub makes for a perfect gathering place. Features a new PowerPro® FX Directional Jet designed to relieve tension and improve circulation in the hips, while a new PX Jet placement delivers a focused massage to key pressure points in the wrist. Showcases a designer woven exterior and architectural corner lighting outside, and dual ProEdge™ Waterfalls and interior illumination inside.


Seating Capacity: 6-7 Adults
Dimensions: 91 in X 91 in X 37.5 - 42 in / 231 cm X 231 cm X 91.44 cm
Average Spa Volume: 440 gal / 1,666 liters
Dry Weight: 897 lbs / 407 kg
Total Filled Weight: 5,403 lbs / 2,457 kg
Total Jets: 52
Primary Pump: North America 1 speed, 2.5 cont hp (5.1 brake hp)
International 1 speed, 2.0 cont hp (2.6 brake hp)
Secondary Pump: North America 1 speed, 2.5 cont hp (5.1 brake hp)
International 1 speed, 2.0 cont hp (2.6 brake hp)
Circulation Pump: Yes
Diverter Valves: 0

Water Purification System: CLEARRAY®
Filtration: ProStream™ Circulation Pump, ProClarity™ Filtration System with Grill, Skimming Weir, ProCatch™ Bag, and ProClear® Pleated Filter
Filters: 1 - ProClarity™ Depth Load Filter 
1 - ProClarity™ 40 Sq Ft. Filter 
1 - ProClear™ 60 Sq Ft. Filter


Electrical North America: 240VAC 60Hz 30A/50A/60A
Electrical International: 230-240VAC 50Hz 20A


Cabinetry: Roasted Chestnut, Silverwood
Shell: Platinum, Silver Pearl, Desert Sand, Opal, Caribbean Surf, Midnight, Monaco


ProLast: Black, Sienna, Gray
Vinyl: Bordeaux, Silverwood

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Jacuzzi J-585

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