Jacuzzi Pillow with Insert 2472-826 (Oval)


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Restore your backyard oasis with these genuine Jacuzzi 2472-826 pillows. Pillows are one of the ways in which your spa can show its age. Replacing dingy, cracked, or waterlogged pillows can help your spa look new again! The Jacuzzi 2472-826 pillow contains a translucent window for the proud Jacuzzi name to shine through on tubs equipped with headrest lighting.

Contains the complete pillow: both the light grey insert and the dark grey “ring” or holder. No mounting hardware is included. Your J-300 series hot tub should have permanent mounting hardware that should last for years and years. If you require new mounting hardware, please see your local Jacuzzi dealer or schedule a service visit.

The Jacuzzi 2472-826 pillow is for older (2007–2013) J-300 series spas. This product looks very similar to the newer J-300 pillows. The only difference is that the light grey inserts of these older pillows have a rounded “oval” surface. They do not “scoop in.” In a pinch, you can use the newer pillows, as they will fit your J-300 hot tub. However, for a true match, we recommend you stick with these.

Compatibility list:

    • J-385 and J-380 tubs 2007–2013
    • J-375 and J-370 tubs 2007–2013
    • J-365 and J-360 tubs 2007–2013
    • J-355 and J-350 tubs 2007–2013
    • J-345 and J-340 tubs 2007–2013
    • J-335 and J-330 tubs 2007–2013
    • J-325 and J-320 tubs 2007–2013
    • J-315 and J-310 tubs 2007–2013

Pillows are consumable units that should be replaced every two or three years. We recommend cleaning your Jacuzzi 2472-824 pillows with our Hot Tub Things Pillow & Cover Cleaner. It is specially formulated to remove grease and hair products from your pillows without causing foamy water.