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We offer a wide range of hot tub service plans that will fit your needs. Our technicians use TDS (total dissolved solids) meters and test strips to measure your chemical levels. Knowing your TDS level helps to determine the effectiveness of your sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) and balance your water to ensure your safety and enjoyment. 

  • Plan "CC" Check-Out Service - $145: Ideal for nightly rental units, service is performed immediately after each guest checks-out, chemicals included. Maximum of 4 visits per month. Additional service visits will be charged at a discounted rate

Every service visit includes:

    • All chemicals
    • Water testing and balancing
    • Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) reading
    • Cover cleaning
    • Ensuring water is at the appropriate level
    • Filter rinsing (minimum once per month)
    • Verifying the hot tubs' functionality.

Looking for a way to save money? If you choose our 6 or 12-month prepayment plan you will receive 7th or 13th & 14th month for FREE!

As a THANK YOU to all of our service plan customers we offer discounted prices for most of our additional products and services.

Download our Service Plan Brochure for more info!

2018 Poolside Hot Tub Service Plans

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