How to Plan a Staycation in Your Outdoor Hot Tub

Holidays spent away from home are great. You can experience new places and create magical memories with those you hold the closest. However, vacations can also be expensive and stressful. Both of these factors can really detract from spending time with your family, and the fun experience it should be. To still spend time with your family and friends and save money, consider spending your holiday at home this year. A staycation in your own yard using your personal hot tub can be inexpensive and incredibly fun.

Update Your Spa

The best hot tubs are those that are maintained regularly. Ensure that your hot tub is ready for your staycation by completing any routine maintenance that needs to be done. Update any hot tub parts that are worn and stock up on hot tub cleaner. These steps will ensure that you have a staycation uninterrupted by malfunctions and that you are able to completely benefit from all options your home spa has to offer.

Hire Out the Dirty Work

Just like if you were on a holiday away from home, think about employing a housekeeper for a week or two. They don’t need to come every day, and many have pricing that is incredibly affordable. Another thing to consider would be to employ someone to complete any yard work that may need to be done. Rather than make a grocery store run, look at having dinners delivered. When eaten by candlelight under the night sky, this is a romantic way to really pamper yourself. Any of these professional services can leave you to relax and totally immerse yourself in a truly stress-free staycation.

Immerse Yourself in Nature

To totally lose yourself in your own backyard, ditch your electronics for one whole day of your staycation. While it may be tempting to reply to that work email, or answer the call from the office, don’t. This is your vacation and you should work to treat it as such. Bring some greenery into your space in the form of potted plants, play a nature soundtrack, and soak in your hot tub. This will allow your mind to totally relax and truly benefit from the many positives of hydrotherapy. The combination of nature and hydrotherapy can be potent, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Poolside Spa Services: Relaxation Professionals in Whistler and Squamish

When thinking ahead to plan your staycation, consider some professional advice. This is especially important when looking into the essentials like hot tub parts and hot tub cleaners. Get your hot tub into the best shape possible with help from the experts at Poolside Spa Services. With two locations in British Columbia, our experts take great pride in the large area that we service.

If you are unable to make the trip to see us, take a peek at our virtual showroom online – our website! We also offer a very helpful blog, which can provide you with inspiration as well as answers to your common hot tub questions.

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