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Health Benefits

More than JUST a feeling: heal YOUR BODY WITH HYDROTHERAPY

There is healing power in heated water. A relaxing soak in the hot tub not only relaxes tense muscles, it can also bring energy and rejuvenation to the body. Relaxing in your hot tub several times a week for as little as 20 minutes per session can have a lasting effect on your body and mind. Hydrotherapy is a water-based therapeutic technique that can be replicated using the various features of a hot tub. The buoyancy first lifts pressure and weight from your body, so that the heat of the water and massaging-action from the jets can truly work their magic.

When in combination with one another, it can have a wonderful and lasting effect on the human body, often resulting in one or more of the following health benefits:

  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Soothed joint pain
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Reduced stress
  • Rest and relaxation
  • Weight maintenance
  • Improved post-injury recovery

We recommend speaking with a physician before seeking treatment or aid from a hot tub for any pre-existing health conditions. For more information about the health benefits of hot tubs or to incorporate an outdoor hot tub in your own backyard, get in touch with our team of experts today.

Benefits of owning a Hot tub

  • Revive Your Energy Level.

    Too much time on the couch?
    A hot tub soak can revive and increase your energy level.


  • Fragrance and Aromatherapy.

    Not in the mood?
    Perk up and add an evocative fragrance to your hot tub water.


  • Reduce stress and get more sleep.

    Too much stress?
    An effective way to reduce stress and get more sleep.


  • Massage Your Feet With Reflexology

    Need a massage?
    Our jets can loosen some of the 7,000 nerve endings in your feet.


  • Accussage Therapy After A Workout

    Workout weary?
    Massage therapy from a hot tub takes care of your aches and pains.


  • Arthritis Relief For Your Joints

    Stiff arthritic joints?
    From "simply relaxing" to "physically therapeutic" for medical conditions.



If you suffer from any of the following conditions, regular hot tub use could work wonders:

  • Stress and Anxiety

    Stress and Anxiety

    Elevating your body temperature is an effective way to ease anxiety and stress. The heated water and jet massage not only relax tense muscles, but can also increase your body’s endorphin production. Endorphins trigger positive feelings, boosting both mood and energy. Giving yourself a place to go at the end of a long day to unwind and relax can also help fight feelings of stress and anxiety. Taking some time to yourself to reflect on the day and really wind down on a routine basis might be just what you need to reduce stress and alleviate feelings of anxiety.
  • Back Pain

    Back Pain

    Heat is one of the best natural ways to treat acute or chronic back pain. In a hot tub, heated water surrounds your body, relaxing back muscles and reducing muscle spasms. It also increases blood flow to injured tissue, speeding healing of injury. Spa jets are used to massage some of the most stress-prone areas of the body, ridding muscles of built-up tension.
  • Arthritis and/or Fibromyalgia

    Arthritis and/or Fibromyalgia

    Helping your muscles to relax and improving blood flow is key to reducing tension in the body. One way to do that is with heat. This modern approach to pain and symptom management surrounds your body with warm, flowing water to help improve circulation while relaxing the body. Once muscles and joints begin to relax and let go of built up tension, the healing process can really begin and hopefully lead to a more lasting effect. Adding stretches while your muscles are warm, and your body is buoyant, can help to improve range of motion without putting stress on your joints.
  • Sleep Patterns

    Sleep Patterns

    Do you have trouble sleeping? The solution to your problem might be sitting in your own backyard. Incorporating a nice soak in the hot tub into your nightly routine may help improve your sleep patterns. The relaxing environment brought on by the heat and jets can help your body and mind prepare for a full night of rest. Not only that, soaking in a hot tub regularly can also help soothe muscle tension and alleviate sore joints, making it much easier for those who suffer a lack of sleep due to aches and pains to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer, since they won’t be kept awake by how they feel physically.

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