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Are you ready to add a new hot tub or spa into your life? When looking for the perfect hot tub for your space, it’s important to consider a few key things. To start, it’s helpful to have a budget for your hot tub in place before buying. This budget should include the cost of one of our excellent high-quality hot tubs, along with necessary sanitary and conditioning products. It is also helpful to consider family size, design, seating, cabinet and shell colour, cover lifters, accessories, installation preferences, and your purchase timeframe. Take our Build & Price quiz below to find the perfect hot tub for you!

The Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub

The Benefits of Owning a Hot Tub

The benefits of owning and using a hot tub are virtually endless!

● Stress relief
● Muscle relaxation
● Pain relief for joint, muscle, and arthritis paint
● Improved cardiovascular health and increased blood flow
● Promote better, deeper sleep
● Add value to your space
● Create a hotspot for family gatherings and parties
● Stay warm and relaxed in colder climates or seasons
The Benefits of Building Your Hot Tub Online

The Benefits of Building Your Hot Tub Online

There are quite a few benefits of building and pricing your hot tub online. To start, you’ll have more control over the customizations you want your hot tub to have. Many hot tub and spa dealers will not offer the level of customization that we do at Poolside Spa Services. We believe putting control into the hands of our customers results in overall customer satisfaction. No two backyard spaces or families are the same, so why would we only offer generic, basic hot tubs with no personalization?

Just as well, being able to shop for your hot tub online is a safer and more stress-free process than having to go to a local showroom. We also strive to make the online selection process user-friendly, simple, easy, and fast.
Setting Budgets for Your Hot Tub

Setting Budgets for Your Hot Tub

Setting a short and long-term budget for your hot tub is key to finding the perfect product for your space. Many hot tub lovers will make the mistake of choosing a hot tub or spa before considering their budget. It’s very important to consider the cost and value of the hot tub you want, in addition to secondary costs that come along with it.

At Poolside Spa Services, we’re not interested in charging hidden fees for our line of luxurious hot tubs and spas. Our mission is to be as forthright as possible about the value and costs of our spas. However, purchasing a hot tub or spa doesn’t end when the hot tub is purchased and installed. There are other things to consider in the long-term when it comes to owning a hot tub, such as water cost, cleaning costs, energy, and more.
Hot Tub Checklist

Hot Tub Checklist

Use this basic checklist for buying the best hot tub for your lifestyle:

● The overall budget, including costs for the physical hot tub, installation, maintenance, insurance, sanitizing products, water, etc.
● Number of people who will be regularly using the hot tub
● Overall design, ergonomics and features
● Seating preferences, if any
● Cabinet and shell colour
● Opt-in or opt-out for cover lifters
● Additional accessories such as lighting
● Installation preferences
● The date you wish to purchase and install your hot tub